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2-in-1 Window Glass Breaker Tool With Base

2-in-1 Window Glass Breaker Tool With Base

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Name: Car emergency window breaker
Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
Impact force:6KG
Process: Sandblasting + oxidation
Function: Mechanically broken windows, broken windows, cut seat belts, get out of trouble

1. Made of aluminum alloy, high and low-temperature resistance, frosted surface, simple and stylish appearance. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, with bracket, can be installed in the car.
2. Using a high-strength tungsten steel head, Rockwell hardness of 55, can easily cut metal and glass. The window can be broken with one click, New gun spring mechanical structure,60 times supercharged cohesion produces 20KGF impact force to push the drill bit. Instant blasting.
3.No fear of strong water pressure, it will be broken in an instant, refuse brute force, even if it withstands underwater pressure, it can be easily broken.
4. Hidden design, built-in stainless steel cutter, can quickly cut seat belts in critical moments, U-shaped hidden knife edge design. Fingers can not go deep, safe not to hurt hands, and beware of scratches.

Package Included:
1 x Emergency Window Breaker

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